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Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic

Aquafit is London Ontario’s state-of-the art physiotherapy clinic that offers both traditional physical rehabilitation and innovative hydrotherapy treatments. Aquafit offers Londoners diverse treatments that were learned while practising in Europe's visionary medical climate. Our dedicated team of experts have helped hundreds of patients towards faster, fuller rehabilitation.

Our clinic specializes in customized therapy regimens that incorporate hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in accordance with unique injuries. Every patient care plan begins with a thorough assessment that determines which rehabilitation methods will work best. We understand the unique needs of your joints and muscles and will not treat any two patients the same.Water Therapy

Our therapists' extensive experience and the quality of our facility sets Aquafit apart from other London Ontario therapy centres. We balance the traditional values of compassion and customer service with innovative care to create the perfect healing environment for clients of any age or injury.

When you arrive at Aquafit we hope that you will feel at home in our expansive care centre. Our privately owned clinic includes a variety of assessment and rehabilitation rooms, as well as our crystal clear hydrotherapy pools. We are committed to providing quality treatment techniques with innovative, state of the art equipment. 

Do not let arthritis, sciatica or fibromyalgia negatively impact your quality of life. From spinal decompression to laser therapy, Aquafit provides deep tissue repair without the invasiveness of surgery. Our professional therapists create a healing environment that promotes the safe, comfortable attainment of a better quality of life. Contact Aquafit today to become a happier, healthier you.

Hydrotherapy: The missing part in patient recovery

Traditional physiotherapy encourages the reactivation of muscles and joints through manual mobilization. However, Aquafit’s long-standing and unique practice has demonstrated that this method is not sufficient for reactivating the joints and muscles of many of our patients.

Our expertly trained therapists and patients both recognize that what is frightening and painful on land becomes noticeably less in water. Hydrotherapy protects patients as they explore different exercises without the apprehension of pain. This maximizes a patient’s willingness to exercise, which speeds up their attainment of increased mobility and quality of life.
Hydrotherapy is exceptionally effective for the most popular ailments such as sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis and tennis elbow.  Completing exercises within the water allows our patients to work these muscles and joints without bearing any unnecessary weight on them. Therefore, they enjoy the noticeable benefits and comforts of our complete therapy regimens. Contact Aquafit today and learn how hydrotherapy can catalyze your recovery.

Some of most common problems our clinic provides treatment for include:Aquafit Physiotherapist

  • Lower back disfunction, including herniated disc
  • Neck pain and related headaches
  • Injuries related to motor vehicle accidents (MVAs)
  • Shoulder/elbow tendinitis
  • Repetitive occuring strain
  • Pre- and post-operative joint dysfunction
  • Sports injuries

Hip & Knee Replacement Physiotherapy

The Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic is offering a new program for people waiting for total knee and hip replacement (arthroplasty) surgery. LEARN MORE

We provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to all our patients!

We accept both doctor's and self referrals, and our facility is wheelchair accessible.